My Favorite Person

Now who could it be? Is it one of my sisters? One of my parents? Can you imagine me announcing here in my bubble that Karine was my favorite over Lea or the opposite?

The amount of love this person has to give is just insane – I guess I have a little of that in me from him. Yes it’s a him. He tells me poems every time he sees me, he always checks on me and makes sure that I am happy.

I have this thing with him where I call him every Friday, and it’s the same conversation every single time. “Hello, how are you? I miss you and I’m coming soon to Beirut and I send you many kisses” His side of the conversation always starts with “I have been waiting to hear your voice all day!”. It’s a true love story between the two of us, and I know for a fact that no one on this planet will ever love me half as much as he does.

If I bring friends over to his house, or mention that I have a friend I like, he will keep asking about them and extending an invitation to them so they can come. How adorable?

Ok, now the real reason comes out: I’m his favorite and he tells it to the world without a blink of an eye. Now that’s just awesome! I just feel very blessed to have someone like him in my life: he is sweet, kind, generous, funny and most of all full of stories to tell. Oh and he also gives me some pocket money every time I see him – but that’s just icing on the cake.

Some of you might have guessed, but not it’s not a boyfriend – can you imagine a boyfriend giving me pocket money every time I see him? It’s my Jeddo. There is a saying in Arabic that says something along the lines of “There is nothing more precious than children except grandchildren” and he proves this proverb right.

Every time I see him, he makes me think about his life and his journey to where he is today. You might have this perception that grandparents won’t understand what you could go through personally, but I believe quite the opposite. Even if there are a few generations in between, I really think they understand the issues we might face on a day to day basis. My jeddo has 60 more years of experience in life than I do. He also makes me think of what kind of grandma I would like to be when I grow up – Yes I know, must get married first! What will my grandchildren think of me? Will they think that because I’m using Instagram I’m out-dated and just won’t get what they are going through?

When I will be a grandma one day, I am not sure if I will loudly say that I have a favorite, but happy to be everyone’s favorite;)

Going to call him and explain the website to him now,
Sara (3arrousset el bisten) xx

Jeddo Ibrahim

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