Just Write It Down

I was on one of my trips to Beirut and found myself going through my things and came across a “cahier de poésie” from grade two. It’s those notebooks where you write the poem on the left and illustrated it with a drawing on the right. I was reading through it and trying to remember... Continue Reading →

The Talent I Wish I Had

Did you ever wish you could master something and couldn't? Be a master at something and just do it and not care? I can think of a few but the one talent that I wish I had was a voice like Beyoncé - obviously. No, I'm serious, not for the fame or anything but I... Continue Reading →

Love The Hugs

If you know me, you know I love hugs. Anything that hugs, people, beds and pandas. I have a feeling I will have stories about hugs quite often so here is one that happened recently. Been working in the same company for three and a half years and you know, there are some people who... Continue Reading →

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