The Talent I Wish I Had

Did you ever wish you could master something and couldn’t? Be a master at something and just do it and not care? I can think of a few but the one talent that I wish I had was a voice like Beyoncé – obviously. No, I’m serious, not for the fame or anything but I just wish I had a voice half as good as hers so that I could sing and let all the emotions and energy out.

No I don’t sing in the shower. In the car? Totally! It’s the best thing ever, I switch on the music full blast on Beyoncé, Florence and The Machine, Emeli Sandé, Taylor Swift – yes, I love her –  or anything else similar and do my thing like no one is watching. Of course neighboring cars might be watching, but I’m sure I put a smile on their faces – so it’s not a bad thing.

Karaoke? Now that’s tricky, it probably happened twice, once on my friend’s birthday and the second was my birthday and I did it because only people who loved me were there and knew my thing for singing: it was “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. The reviews weren’t bad I must say.

Maybe we sing together next time, the more the merrier,
Sara xx

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