Beirut, Tell Me More


I guess it isn’t a surprise that the first “everywhere” post is about Beirut. I don’t believe I need to convince you why I love it, because chances are you love it too and in case you haven’t been, well, I’m pretty sure you will.

Beirut is such a vibrant beautiful city full of life. Whenever I am there, I look around at the people and the buildings and I always wonder what it was like before the war. These old buildings, I feel, have so much to tell. Honestly, if I could travel back in time anywhere, it would definitely be Beirut in the 50s. Can you imagine? The landscape, the architecture, the music, the life?
Mind you, in the 50s there was no AC, so I don’t think I would be transported in July/August!

On my way to Beirut,
Sara xx

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