Love The Hugs

If you know me, you know I love hugs. Anything that hugs, people, beds and pandas. I have a feeling I will have stories about hugs quite often so here is one that happened recently.

Been working in the same company for three and a half years and you know, there are some people who you just say hello to in the pantry and smile: “hello :)”, “good morning :)”, “thank you :)” and that’s it.

At the office, there is this lady and it’s been hello, hi, good morning for three and a half years, until recently. We were at a farewell and she asked me how I felt about this person leaving and I told her, well, I might need a hug. Guess what? She gave me one! Turns out, she is a hugger too, and now we hug every time we see each other. I promise you, the positive energy that comes out of this hug every time is just amazing. You should definitely try it.

Big hugs,
Sara xx

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