The Honor Was Mine

Last year, a friend asked me to attend her wedding and help her with the photography. It wasn’t really a wedding, but more like a celebratory dinner for family and close friends – 50 people max.

It was a last minute thing for her and she was looking for a photographer before she settled on me. Mind you, she is an extremely private person and does not let anyone know much about her personal life. She could have six kids at home and you wouldn’t know at all.

I spent the evening taking pictures of the families, speaking to them and you know just being “curious and inspired”. I also observed her a lot and saw another side of her that made me love her even more. She is so caring and has so much love to give, it’s beautiful. She came to me at the end of the evening, thanking me for coming and taking pictures, and said that it meant a lot to her.

To be honest, I am sure she appreciated that I came and took pictures and tried to blend – but the truth is, I felt honored that she let me into her family. It was really just direct family and she could have asked any other friend to take these pictures. But instead she chose me. It meant the world to me and it was a pleasure and honor. Did it with all my heart.

Poor thing – she might regret it when she sees the pictures;)

Sara xx

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